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Why Join Youth SVP?

We believe that young people can use their voices to make a difference in their communities.

By engaging in charity, Youth SVP members use their abilities and ideas to get involved in causes they care about and make a positive change in their schools and parishes.

With an effective formula of “See, Think, Do,” groups of Youth SVP members ages 11 to 14 meet in schools and parishes across England and Wales to discuss how to support people in need around them.

Youth SVP members use their voices and abilities to engage in their communities and take part in social action. Through voluntary work, Youth SVP members not only make a positive difference, but also learn new skills, build lasting friendships and develop their faith.


“The vocation of humanity is to show forth the image of God and to be transformed into the image of the Father’s only Son. This vocation takes a personal form since each of us is called to enter into the divine beatitude; it also concerns the human community as a whole.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church. #1877


B-Attitude Life online

B-Attitude Life is an interactive and media-driven web app (online and/or mobile) formation programme that has been integrated into the package we already offer our B-Attitude youth groups. The concept of this training is that it combines the teachings of the Catholic Faith (made accessible through the window of Vincentian Spirituality), with transferable Life Skills training and practical charitable works, into one neat and easy-to-use package for our 14-18 year olds and their Vincentian Coordinators in schools and parishes across England and Wales.


We are turning our concern into action by serving our local community through our foodbank service.

Come and visit our Facebook page for more details, give us a like and a share so that we can reach as many people as possible.


May be an image of one or more people and text that says "Through love serve one another" GALATIANS 5:13"
Some of the donations made for the Community Larder December 2020

Cafod 2

Emmaus story after Easter

During the Lenten period we will be preparing for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ Our Lord.  On the last week of term we will be holding an Easter Egg raffle and bake sale in aid of CAFOD.

The chaplaincy team will then be leading house assemblies preparing our students for our CAFOD visit on the 20th of May, where the guest speaker will talk about how our donations make such a difference.

Community Larder


Lincoln Community Larder

The Lincoln Community Larder, Registered Charity No: 702967 and Winner of the Lincolnshire Community Group of the Year Award 2010 first opened its doors on 18 August 1989 – one of the first foodbanks in the area we believe. The Larder was the creation of Mrs Mary Eckmyre who became aware of the need for a stock of basic food, available at short notice to give to people suffering some form of crisis in their life making them unable to fend for themselves.

Once up and running, the demand for Lincoln Community Larder’s services soon increased as word spread.

What they do

The purpose of the Lincoln Community Larder is to provide basic food for people in crisis. They do this by issuing Larder Vouchers to a variety of agencies in the area who then refer people to us in need of assistance in the form of food and  give 3 days’ worth of food for each person included on the voucher.

Food that is needed:

Tins of: FRUIT, Rice Pudding, Tuna, Meats – (eg stews, meatballs, curries), Hot Dogs, Peas, Carrots, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes.

‘Weetabix’ or own brand equivalent, Other breakfast cereals, Instant Coffee (small jars), Sugar,250g packs, Jam, Marmalade or Lemon Curd, Pasta sauces. Semi-skimmed UHT milk.

Instant Mashed Potato, Biscuits, Puddings, Jellies, ‘Angel Delight’.

Toiletries – They also distribute basic toiletries to our customers if they require them. If you can’t afford to eat, chances are you can’t afford to buy the necessary to keep clean and sweet smelling – which is important if you want to find employment.

They are happy to take soap, shampoo, shower gel, disposable razors, deodorants, handy packs of tissues, toothbrushes, toothpaste and sanitary items.

Thanks, but no thanks!

We don’t want to appear fussy but it has to be said there is a list of items that they prefer not to get – but all for very good reasons:

  • Lasagne sheets – this type of pasta is really only suited to making a lasagne dish, and if you don’t have the rest of the ingredients and maybe no oven, there is not much you can do with it.
  • Kidney beans, lentils, chick peas and any other type of pulses except baked beans – they are given a lot of this type of food and to be perfectly honest, they struggle to use it. Peas, carrots and sweetcorn are firm favourites.

They like to give people some choices in what they eat – because let’s face it, when your life is in crisis, choice is something you don’t get much opportunity to exercise.

Out of date food

Every year the Community Larder are given hundreds of items of out of date food, often by several years! Although it is not illegal to sell or give away food that is past its ‘best before date’, it is their policy not to use this. Just because the food is being given away it doesn’t mean to say its quality or age is not important – they believe it is.

Do they do anything special for Christmas?

They keep back suitable food from Autumn onwards, things such as tinned ham, luxury biscuits, Christmas puddings, chocolate, children’s sweets etc. Depending on what funding they have we might also buy in some extras, eg satsumas, cakes, cheeses, mince pies, chocolate tree decorations….


We will begin collecting food items from Tuesday December 1st -Monday 14th December 2020

Our donations make a real difference, even if we all brought one item in we could make someone’s Christmas a better one this year.

Faith in Families

This year we will be supporting Faith in Families.  Please find further information about the charity below, alternatively you can visit faithinfamilies.org

Our vision, mission, values

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide nurturing, innovative, high quality services for children and families.  We believe that the services we provide will enable all children to develop into confident, secure, caring individuals, with the capacity to reach their full potential in life.

Our Mission

We will achieve this by:

  • Providing a diverse range of outstanding, creative and nurturing services in support of our vision
  • Providing children with stability and security through permanence
  • Ensuring specialised, continuous support to children and families across the adoption and fostering spectrum
  • Providing bespoke community services to children through collaborative partnerships with families, the local community and key partners
  • Recognising and celebrating success in everyone
  • Continuously aspiring to excellence and build on our outstanding reputation
  • Continuing to offer innovative responses to the changing needs of the community
  • Encouraging and enabling the continuous professional development of staff, trustees and volunteers.

Our Values

The Agency provides innovative services of excellence to children and families of any or no religious belief.
We are:

  • Passionate about improving children’s lives, keeping their needs and their families at the heart of our work
  • An Agency of integrity; valuing everyone, continually striving to improve upon our practice, finding new ways of thinking and enjoying the challenge
  • An Agency that has high expectations of ourselves and are inspired by progress
  • A supportive community, empowering all we work with to reach their full potential and aspire to work in partnership with others and advocate on their behalf
  • An Agency that enjoys working as a team and are mutually supportive of each other, believing in the value and dignity of human life and the right of each person to have their views and values respected.

Faith in Families is value driven and keeps children at the heart of its entire decision making. The Agency is recognised for its commitment to appraising current and future practice requirements through rigorous research, evaluation and monitoring systems.

Our Statement of Purpose

Faith in Families has been supporting vulnerable children across the East Midlands for 70 years. We provide outstanding services to anyone who wishes to adopt. Our Statement of Purpose sets our out aims and objectives and explains our value and principles. It’s a regularly reviewed and updated document, and meets the requirement of National Minimum Standards for Adoption, and the related regulations (Voluntary Adoption Agencies and Adoption Agencies (Misc. Amendments) Regulations 2003).




Let’s put the fun back into fundraising!

Run a marathon, bake a cake, wear a silly outfit – however you want to do it, fundraising is a great way to challenge yourself and raise money for Faith in Families at the same time. Could you do something amazing and help Faith in Families with the important work supporting vulnerable children?

Every donation really does make a difference to children’s lives. Put simply, we couldn’t do the work we do without your support.

If you are thinking about arranging an event on our behalf, undertaking a sponsored challenge or would like some ideas to kick start your fundraising campaign, why not request one of our fundraising packs. The pack is full of ideas, advice and tips on how you can make the most of your fundraising activity. And you’re not doing it on your own! We are here to help. We have a dedicated fundraising team who can work with you to turn your idea into something real. If you would like to help us or want some advice, contact the team by email at [email protected] or call us on 0115 9558811.

We’re counting down to Christmas!

From November to the beginning of December we will be supporting Faith in Families 2020.

We would love you to get involved, by delivering new toys, clothes, books and non-perishable food items to our office in West Bridgford. We will then work as hard as the elves to pack up your donations and get them out to children across the East Midlands who might not have many presents this Christmas.

Our annual Christmas appeal to support struggling families in need is well under way. As usual we are asking for new gifts and food to give as a hamper to a family who is less fortunate at Christmas. Families are nominated by their School or Parish.

We are looking for food items which can include:

•        Tinned meat / fish/pie

•        Tinned Vegetables

•        Gravy powder/granules

•        Packet mix for Yorkshire puddings

•        Mustard/cranberry/mint sauce

•        Christmas pudding

•        Mince Pies

•        Squirty cream

•        Custard

•        Tea Bags

•        Coffee

•        UHT Milk

•        Juice

•        Biscuits

•        Chocolates

•        Selection boxes

•        Cakes

•        Crisps

Faith in Families


Toy Drive 2020

This year we will be working with our local parish to collect toys for under privileged children in the Lincolnshire area.

We can only accept brand new toys in their original packaging.



We are now collecting toys, the closing date is Monday 30th November.

Some of the donations made December 2020