Science: all GCSE Science groups have new GCSE Pod tasks to complete. Thanks to those who have already completed the first task.


Business: Year 11 students can access their coursework through the remote desktop. Students are to continue working on P1, P2 and M1. They can find all resources in Shared Area>ICT Miss Bell > BTEC Busienss > Unit 8 > Task 1.


French: Year 11 students need to prepare for the End of Unit assessment (Listening, unit   5)  and prepare/read vocab for new Unit 6.


English: Year 12 – continue reading logs for Frankenstein and research context.

Year 13 – complete second coursework drafts and read and translate to lines 452 of The Wife of Bath’s prologue and read and annotate the notes they were given last lesson.

Year 12 GCSE English – complete the pods on gcse pod.

A level – research Grayson Perry and find out what sort of artwork he makes, his personality and points of view etc. Find Ode to a Grecian Urn on the Internet and read it. Consider the poems themes and ideas carefully.



History – Year 7 – to research some English Civil War Battles

Year 8 – to research Hiroshima and D Day

Year 9 – to research Thomas Sydenham and his impact on medicine

Year 10 – Research information on Pevensey Castle and Lincoln Castle

Year 11 – GCSEpod work set


Geography – Year 7 – Research a volcano of their choice

Year 8 – Research where China is and find out where some of the rivers, cities and rural areas are

Year 9 – Use BBC bitesize to look at arches, stacks and stumps and do one research piece on a famous arch, stack or stump

Year 10 – Research deforestation and what people are doing to stop it

Year 11 – Use BBC bitesize and GCSE pod to revise topics


RE: Year 7. Baptism – students should research what happens at a Baptism and why people get Baptised.

Year 8. – Marriage – this will be their next topic and they can research what happens during a marriage ceremony and why people get married.

Year 9 – Judaism – pupils should research how the rituals for this faith including birth/circumcision, bah mitzvah, marriage and mourning rituals.