Taking into account the changes in the exams this year we are extremely proud of the GCSE outcomes at St Peter and St Paul. The hard work has paid off with many students achieving their targets and beyond and students also achieving the new ‘9’ in English. All students should rightly be happy with all of their achievements and they are now well prepared to move on to Level 3 courses in St Peter and St Paul 6th Form or other education, training or employment . Once again the results  highlight the dedicated work of staff and students throughout St Peter and St Paul.


Some quotes from our students:

‘I feel really pleased with myself, especially my two 8s in English.’ – Jasmine Butt

‘I feel really good. I was really worried but I’m happy now. I got an 8 in Maths and mainly As and A*s and a few Bs.’ – Amber Mitchell

‘I feel great! Very happy about my 9 in English and my Science results.’ – Leroy Pereira