We have been in touch with the company we use to run our cashless catering system with regards to the till adjustments on some of our student’s accounts. They have told us that when the system loses items due to a loss of connection, ParentPay has to adjust the balance in order to synchronise the two accounts.

ParentPay has to match the balance with Vericool, which holds the master balance. If it didn’t do this then the correct balance would not show up on ParentPay. This would usually right itself when the data uploads overnight, however, in the case of some accounts, it did not do this due to network problems which we have experienced in school. This is why you can see quite large till balance adjustments on some accounts.

We hope that this explains the situation, but if you still have any queries, please contact our Catering Manager – Mrs Betley on 01522 871400 to discuss further.