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being put to the test

Week 23 Tutor time plan and resources

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How we treat others

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Lent-Meaning of Lent

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Whole School Focus-Epiphany

What are your talents?

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Enjoying God’s Gifts

Operation Christmas Child

Matthew 2:1-12

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Matthew 3:13-17

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Your Dreams Are in Your Hands

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Making Decisions

John 1:29-34


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Nelson Mandela

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Leaving Everything

Matthew 4:12-23

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Week 22-Ash Wednesday

Whole School Focus-Can I start Again?

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Matthew 5:38-48

Week 23-1st Sunday of Lent

Whole School Focus-Sacrifice

Personal Focus-Being Put to the Test

Matthew 4:1-11

Week 24-2nd Sunday of Lent

Whole School Focus-How Do I Treat Others?

Personal Growth Focus-Anger

Week 25-3rd Sunday of Lent

Whole School Focus-How Do I Want to be Seen?

Personal Growth Focus- Our Ultimate Goal

Week 26 & 27 Scrapbook Week/Liturgy Planning- 4th and 5th Sunday of Lent


Whole year overview of form focus 2018-2019


How would you feel if you saw something and were not believed?

Why is it important to believe?

Why is it important to never give up?

Today we celebrate the feast day of St Bernadette. I would like you to think back to the scripture you have listened to today. In the Gospel of Luke he talks about how Jesus appeared to his disciples after his death and Resurrection. When the disciples first saw Jesus they were in disbelief, they thought they had seen a ghost, but Jesus quickly reassured them that he wasn’t a ghost, just as he had said, he rose from the dead and was with them body and soul.

Once the disciples had this proof and felt the comfort of Jesus’ words they were able to open their minds and bear witness to what Jesus said was going to happen. Often we need to see to believe, it is in our human nature, however what if you see something that others don’t? just as the disciples saw Jesus when he rose from the dead and when St Bernadette saw Mary the mother of God, how do you stay firm in your belief when others may doubt you?

At Easter Sunday Mass a few years ago Monsignor McGovern talked about one of Jesus Disciples Thomas who doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead. He said he needed proof; he wanted to place his fingers into his wounds to truly believe. When he did he said “My Lord and my God.” Monsignor McGovern went on to say that St Paul said that it is a great thing to believe and have faith, but to have faith even when we cannot see is even greater.

Bernadette was very young when she saw Mary at the Grotto in Lourdes, she was persecuted for talking about what she saw, so many people questioned and ridiculed her, however she didn’t ever give up on her faith, she maintained even until her dying day the beautiful Lady that she had seen a total of 18 times, was the immaculate conception, Mary the mother of God. Bernadette embodies the words from the reading of Timothy today when he said, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

All of us here today can take inspiration from St Bernadette, especially you as young people. Set an example for others, in your conduct, in the way you can show love to others, in the faith you have in others and the purity of your youth. I would like to leave you with a quote from St Bernadette, which if we can try to do at all times will make life’s doubts and fears that little bit easier to understand and overcome. She said “I shall spend every moment loving.”


Week 28

Whole School Focus Bernadette LiturgyLionel Messi

Personal Growth Focus-Doubt

Week 29

Whole School Focus- J.K. Rowling

Personal Growth Focus- Miracles Can Happen Every Day

Luke 24:13-35

Whole School Focus-Month of Mary- Mary The Mother of God

Personal Growth Focus- Life on The Altar

John 1-10

Scrapbook Week- Month of Mary