Group A: Monday 1st October 2018–  To meet in the main hall on arrival with their luggage/medicines etc.  Roll call then departure at 9:00 am prompt. Group A will arrive back at approx.  12:30 pm on Wednesday 3rd October. They will be in their normal lessons P5 and P6.


Group B : Wednesday 3rd October 2018 – Students to drop their luggage/medicines off in the library then go to registration as normal. They will be in normal lessons until 11:50am . Students then need to go to the dining room for an early lunch prior to departure at 12:30pm.


Please ensure your child has their prescribed medication for the trip  and that  it is clearly labelled with their name and dosage requirements.


Students returning from Lockerbrook/going to Lockerbrook do not need to wear their school inform.


Any concerns please contact Mrs Sansam at the Academy.