Today we gathered together to remember all of the fallen.  It has been 100 years since the First World War ended, and a new world began.  We were joined by members of the school community, St Hugh’s Primary School and Our Lady of Lincoln School.


Poem written and read by Brandon Conlon Year 13

Four Years

Four years of sorrow,

Destruction, death and gloom.

Four years of having to follow

The path to certain doom.


Four years of constant believing

The fighting would descend.

Four years of torture and grieving

For the war to finally end.


Four years of constant warfare,

Those soldiers we must remember.

Four years of shelling and despair,

Fighting on until 11th of November.


Four years had been and gone

Before the armistice was signed.

Society must learn that war is wrong

And peace we must strive to find.

2poppies knitted and displayed, by ladies of the parish on the altar

Poem  read by Joseph Tweddle Year 13

They push, we push.

Every once in a while we push hard enough

That the light breaks through the clouds

And the world beyond war glimmers.

We are those people.

If history only remembers one in a thousand of us,

Then the future will be filled with stories of who we were and what we did.

But until that day comes we will stand and look death in the eye.


The war is the world

And the world is the war.

We are the jaded. We are the naïve.  We are the honourable.

We are the bound for legend and the lost to history.

We are the knights in the sky, the ghost in the desert and the rats in the mud.


One day this will all be over.

The war to end all wars will be won.

The guns will rust and the grass will grow

And they’ll be nothing left of any of this. The land will heal itself as everything does in the end

Our stories will be told over and over again.

We will remember them.



 One of the poppies laid on the altar in remembrance of a loved one



Remember, O Lord, all those who have died the death of honour and are departed in the hope of resurrection to Eternal Life, especially the Officers, men and women of our sea, land and air forces, to whom it was given to lay down their lives for the cause of freedom and justice. In that place of light, whence sorrow and mourning are far vanished, give them rest, O Lord, the Lover of Men.  Grant this for thine only Son, Jesus Christ’s sake.   Amen.

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