WellDoneA 27March2017

On Monday 27 March 2017 we held our Reward Assembly.

The winners were:

The winning House, earning 2885 positive points, was HUGH HOUSE.

All of Hugh House students were given priority to go to the front of the lunch queue in the canteen on Friday.


The top form in Bernadette House was B-EC with 576 points.

The top form in Francis House was F_HC with 383 points.

The top form in Hugh House was H_KB with 916 points.

Students in the winning form groups were each given a ‘Golden Ticket’ which entitles them to a free meal in the canteen.


Individual students who achieved the most points in their House were:


Jay Foster – 53 points

Jessica Smith – 47 points

Jordan Howsham – 42 points



Amin Rayhan – 32 points

Ariana Bernardo – 29 points

Anya Cartwright – 29 points



Grace Ray – 52 Points

Sonny Lawless – 49 points

Jo Harrington – 45 points


Winning students each received a £15, £10 or £5 gift voucher.



Thaddeus Boyns (Year 7) and Gwire McVey (Year 8) have both read over 3,000,000 words on the Accelerated Reading programme.  These students received a ‘Golden Ticket’ for a free meal in the canteen.


The following students were given an Easter Egg for making the most progress on the Accelerated Reading programme:

Year 7

Natalia Wachowska

Edward Lambert

Jevin James Christy

Ariana Bernardo

Year 8

Ethan Spence

Alfie Ryan

Milda Ivaskeviciute

Caleb George



The following students took part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge:

William Oldham, Zuzanna Walaszczyk, Amber Mitchell, Mia Hopkins, Miki Kosmider, Georgina Mitchell and Regan King, with Szymon Skrzyniark, Emily Wylie and George Brumpton receiving certificates.


The following students were given chocolates for being the top users of the PiXL Maths App:

Dennis Musca (Year 7) – 121 points

Yinka Ogunyemi (Year 8) – 140 points

Matthew Wallhead (Year 9) – 103 points

Wilson Babalola (Year 11) – 152 points


Well done and keep up the excellent work!