Toady is the Feast Day of our Patron Saints St Peter and St Paul.

St. Peter and St. Paul were very different people. They each had an important mission for building up the early Church, and the way each saint served God and spread the Gospel was unique to the special gifts God gave him. But in many ways, St. Peter and St. Paul were quite alike. After reaching drastically low points (for Peter, denying Jesus; for Paul, persecuting the early Christians), both men decided to say yes to God. And their “Yes” changed everything for the early Church, leading to the Church we have today.

To all of our school community and those in need of our prayers on this day:

O holy Apostles Peter and Paul, intercede for us,

Protect O Lord your people who trust in the patronage of your apostles, Peter and Paul,

And by their constant protection, protect your people.

Through Christ our Lord.