We realise how difficult it can sometimes be to keep children motivated to read over the school holiday period.  To support this, we are introducing a summer reading challenge focusing entirely on diverse and inclusive books and authors.

How Does the Summer Reading Challenge Work?

Each one of the challenges are divided up into 10 books, so your child is not too overwhelmed or pressured. They vary across a range of levels in each year group and encompass several genres and text types. The challenges start at, ‘I am going to be in Year 7, elevating up to ‘I am going to be in Year 11’.

​Every one of the challenges comes with an easily printed sheet where the children can put their name and tick off their progress. It would be fabulous for children to take these to show their English teachers in September.

Click here to download and print the challenge sheets (you will only need the sheets for Years 7 to 11).