We are proud that our school reflects the diversity of our Church, that among our students and staff we have many different nationalities, heritage, abilities, and races.  If the whole of our community were present in school right now we would be exploring the issue of racism that has been highlighted in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.  Sadly it is hard to do with the vast majority of our community at home.

Please find below a number of links below that can help us a Catholic Community respond to the issues raised by the Black Lives Matters movement.

Statement from the Bishops Conference of England and Wales https://www.cbcew.org.uk/bishops-solidarity-with-sisters-and-brothers-in-usa-over-evil-of-racism-and-killing-of-george-floyd/

Message to the Young People of our diocese from Canon Jonathan Cotton (Chaplain to NDCYS) https://youtu.be/U7dZwjH4Ixs

Today’s video resource with a reflection on our unity and equality in the eyes of God