From September 2020 we have introduced a programme of independent study for KS5 students, during tutor time; supported by their tutor.

This will be named ‘The Ten Doors’

As an academy we strive to encourage our students to continue their spiritual development into adulthood. 

In Pope Francis’ message for the 2016 World Day of Prayer for vocations he say, “continually remain interconnected throughout the whole of the missionary disciple’s life.”

CLI- The Way of the Church Today-Missionary Discipleship in the Thought of Pope Francis , by Thomas F. Dailey, OSFS (research fellow)

Bishop Patrick McKinney, Diocese of Nottingham says on Missionary discipleship, “…a disciple is someone who wishes not only to grow in their relationship with Christ, but also to be used by Christ as a way in which his love, care, compassion, healing, blessing and forgiveness can be shared with others.”

Our aim is to give ample opportunity for our KS5 students to further develop themselves as a whole person, the verve to out their discoveries into action not only within our school community, but to take with them as they move onto further study and adult life.

The Ten Doors programme of study is based on the themes of:

The Door of Interiority

The Door of the Sacred

The Door of Fraternity

The Door of Rationality

The Door of Ecology

The Door Aesthetics

The Door of Escotology

The Door of Healing

The Door of Charity

The Charismatic Door

Through discussion and display students will be able to research, debate and develop their knowledge of Missionary Discipleship, using skills from cross-curricular subject and Personal development to become active role models for other students in encountering Christ.