Art work

Art work2


This is my body broken for you

bringing you wholeness, making you free

Take it and eat it and when you do

Do it in love for me.


‘Filled with my Spirit, how you will grow

You are my branches, I am the tree

If you are faithful, others will know

you are alive in me.’


The whole school art piece is based on the hymn “This is my Body”

We have created another whole school art piece,  this year’s theme is based on the hymn, This is my Body.

“Filled with my spirit, how you will grow.  You are the branches, I am the tree.”

This art piece is to represent us as a community and how we make up every part of its being. 

Each student and member of staff have an autumnal leaf, which they have written their name on, and is attached to the branches of the tree.  It is currently being displayed at reception.