The Chaplaincy is one of the ways that we can support and care for each other at St Peter and St Paul’s so that everyone in our community is included and supported on their journey of faith and education.

We are very blessed to have a beautiful chapel at St Peter and St Paul’s which is accessible for all staff and pupils, giving each person the opportunity to explore their faith and pray in the presence of God.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is at the centre of our community at St Peter and St Paul’s as we remember and focus on our school missions ‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’ (John 10:10).

Our Chaplaincy team is welcoming and is open to pupils from all year groups.  We want our team to lead our school and in knowing that God loves us in everything we do.  The Chaplaincy team is open to pupils of all faiths and those without faith.  It is a group of young people who strive to do good within our community and work together for the benefit of others.

The Chaplaincy team meets weekly and is involved in charity and community work, as well as helping lead liturgies and being involved in the preparation for mass.

We are pleased to have such a strong and supportive team at the heart of our school.