Sixth Form at St Peter & St Paul

We would like to welcome you to St Peter and St Paul Catholic Voluntary Sixth Form.

Our Sixth Form is an exciting and challenging place to be – a place where students develop academically, pastorally, spiritually and where we provide enrichment for the needs of all our students. The atmosphere is calm and friendly and the emphasis on achieving the high expectations that the Academy has of its students. The staff work closely with the students to help guide them through all aspects of their time here. Lessons are dynamic, with students actively participating and enjoying the learning ethos created. The Academy provides a good working environment with students making good use of the independent study lessons, which are vital to the final grades that our students attain.

Our Sixth Form is somewhere students can prepare for the next stage of their lives. We strongly believe that attaining the highest results that students can from their carefully selected courses will enable them to be in the best possible position of choice when they come to leave us. The life of the Sixth Form is about preparing all of our students for the outside world and equipping them with the skills, qualifications and attitude needed to be successful. In this sense, motivation from all those associated with the Sixth Form is key.

Mr R Woodgate Sixth Form Leader

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KS5 Performance Measures 2019

Measure: Level 3 QualificationsProgress ScoreAverage Grade
A Levels-0.01

Confidence interval -0.23 to 0.22 average for all schools nationally

Applied General Qualifications-0.35 Confidence interval -0.73 to 0.02 average for all schools nationallyMerit-
Achieving AAB or higher in at least 2 facilitating subjects16.7% (national 16.5%)
Destinations: students staying in education or employment for at least two terms after 16-18 study 96% (national 81%)