Religious Education

The Religious Education department is situated at the forefront of the academy and is devoted to bringing both excellent standards of academia and the love of God into the lives of the students here at SSPP. The faculty staff are highly qualified and dedicated to ensuring that students flourish under our teaching and daily examples as practicing Catholics.

The Catholic Church has always been concerned with the development of the whole person and the department aims to ensure that students understand their worth and value as children of God in line with CES expectations.  We take great pride in the personal development and spiritual growth of each student at this academy working closely with the lay chaplains and the parish churches of St Peter and Pauls, St Hughs and Our Lady of Lincoln.

The Curriculum, Key Stages 3, 4 and 5

At Key Stage 3 all students begin with a Roman Catholic program of study. Roman Catholic issues are explored including the sacraments of the Church, belonging/identity, Christology, the nature of God and Catholic Social teaching. Other world religions are also studied to enable students to understand the value of ecumenism and community cohesion.

At Key Stage 4 all students study GCSE Religious Education as a compulsory subject in Roman Catholic Schools. In line with other Nottingham diocesan schools we prepare the students for the Eduqas Religious Studies Route B course (Roman Catholicism with Judaism). This gives them the opportunity to examine and analyse key aspects and beliefs of Catholic and Jewish faith. Students will take three exams at the completion of Year 11.

At Key Stage 5, the department offers a very successful and popular A-Level course in Philosophy, Ethics and Christian thought. The course looks at how and why people make moral decisions, the arguments for and against the existence of God, suffering and other moral and engaging issues. As a result of being a Catholic education provider 6th form students also study a general Religious Education course which runs for two hours each week covering issues that are relevant and engaging for emerging adults. The course is in line with Catholic teachings and students are required to participate regardless of if they study Religious Education in the sixth form.

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Map 2022 – RE


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