Assessment without Levels 

The government has ended the use of National Curriculum levels to measure progress at key stage 2 and key stage 3.  Schools are able to devise their own systems to measure progress.

St Peter and St Paul has developed an assessment system based around learning outcomes. These learning outcomes are linked directly to our Schemes of Work which have been written from the new National Curriculum and with the GCSE specifications in mind.

We will measure student progress against what is expected for them to know, understand and do at different ages when compared to all students nationally, (age-related expectations). If they are working well above age-related expectations, then they are working in the Excelling stage. If a student is working above age-related expectations then we say they are working at the Mastering stage. If a student is working close to the age-related expectation then they are working in the Developing stage. If a student is not yet working at the age-related expectation then they are working in the Establishing stage. The stage your child is working at will determine their Pathway.

Your child’s Pathway will be reviewed at regular intervals for each subject and may change during the course of the year.

Subject Leaders have created age related learning outcome grids. These grids describe the outcomes which students would need to demonstrate on a piece of work or task to be assessed in one of the four Pathways: Establishing, Developing, Mastering, Excelling.