We are an enthusiastic and dedicated department, determined to promote Mathematics as an interesting, exciting and creative subject that is relevant to the lives of our students.  There are four specialist Mathematics teachers within the department and also a specialist numeracy teaching assistant. We believe that all students can do mathematics and ensure that all students have the opportunity to achieve.  As a department we aim to inspire, motivate and enthuse all pupils to develop enquiring minds capable of independent mathematical thinking.  All mathematics classrooms are well equipped with Interactive whiteboards, which enable ICT to be a feature of our lessons.

The Curriculum

We provide a programme of study which is based upon the four key pathways.  Students are set at the beginning of Year 7 based on their KS2 results and baseline assessments taken at the beginning of Year 7. They are taught through a wide variety of teaching methods which are complemented by the use of text books.  This we believe enables them to make the greatest progression.  The curriculum is designed to support students as they progress towards their GCSE examinations.

In Key Stage 4 all students follow the Pearson Edexcel Linear GCSE Mathematics course, at either Higher or Foundation tier.  Both Year 10 and 11 use text books that are relevant to their programme of study.  A key feature of Key Stage 4 is the need for students to be become more independent learners.  To help achieve this, students are expected to make use of a variety of independent learning software which is designed to give them the opportunity to extend and consolidate what is learnt in class.

Students in Key Stage 5 follow the Pearson Edexcel Mathematics Course. In Year 12 students can select to follow the A level or AS course both of these are two year courses; or to choose the new Core Maths examination


Mrs F Smith – Subject Leader

Mrs A Jepson

Mr L Thornton

Miss C Smithson

Miss A Hollands

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