Mrs R Le Caplain – Headteacher

Mrs A Jepson – Assistant Head

Mr P Wilkinson – Assistant Head

Miss G Bell – SENCO

Mr R Woodgate – Sixth Form Leader

Mr D Barr – Joint Acting Head of Bernadette House

Miss S Cooling – Joint Acting Head of Bernadette House

Mrs H Evans – Head of Francis House

Mrs H Levey – Head of Hugh House

Religious Education

Mr S Carroll – Subject Leader of RE

Ms K Holliday

Mrs H Levey

Mr O Papaioannou


Mrs T Sanders – Subject Leader of English

Miss E Cleaver

Ms M Hose

Mr R Sanders

Miss N Shephard


Mrs F Smith – Subject Leader of Mathematics

Miss A Hollands

Mrs A Jepson

Miss C Smithson

Mr L Thornton


Mrs M Brumpton – Subject Leader of Science

Mr J Baker

Mr S Bishell

Miss J Coles

Mrs D Lewis

Miss T Watkinson

Mr P Wilkinson

Art, Design and Technology

Miss C O’Malley – Subject Leader of ADT

Mrs K Gowshall

Ms K Payne


Mrs S Browne – Subject Leader of Humanities

Mrs J McDowell

Mr S Penney

Mr R Woodgate


Mr D Barr – Subject Leader of ICT

Miss G Bell

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs L Flintham – Subject Leader of MFL

Miss S Cooling

Mrs J Ryland

Performing Arts

Mr A Clark

Mrs H Evans

Physical Education

Mr A Challenger – Subject Leader of PE

Mr G Henderson

Miss S McPhail