Our Mission Statement expresses our intention to ensure that all students, regardless of their academic ability, are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential – not only academically but spiritually, morally, socially, emotionally and physically.  So that all students may “have life and have it to the full”.  (John 10:10).


Underpinning our curriculum are our aims to ensure that students are developed to be responsible citizens, independent and confident individuals, constructive contributors to the community and happy and successful learners who achieve well.


Tutor groups are organised horizontally from Year 7 to 13 to create an environment focussed upon age specific personal development, particularly around key transition points within their educational journey. Alongside the tutor system is a pastoral program where students are organised into 3 houses: Bernadette, Francis and Hugh.  The house system provides excellent opportunities to develop character through healthy competition in all subject domains, contribute to the wider community through engaging with charity activities, and to take responsibility and develop leadership roles.  The house system has proved highly effective, students have greater confidence to interact and engage with students of different ages and maturity.

In order to achieve our aims we offer a broad and balanced curriculum with clear progression routes for students of all abilities through Key Stages 3 to 5.  Our curriculum continually evolves in order to meet the needs of individuals and groups of students as they progress through the key stages.

KS3 Curriculum

Our Key Stage 3 refers to Years, 7, 8 and 9 where students follow a broad curriculum including Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Spanish, Art, Design and Technology, Computing, Music, Drama, Personal Development (PHSCE), and Physical Education. Students are taught in ability groups with support for those with Special Needs. In Year 8, a second modern foreign language, French, is introduced to most students.  The curriculum at Key Stage 3 ensures our students have the experience and knowledge to follow a variety of combinations of courses at Key Stage 4, including access to the English Baccalaureate (EBacc)

 KS4 Curriculum

At the end of KS3, students will start their KS4 studies: this will be at the beginning of Year 10.  All students receive a carefully structured guidance programme to ensure they are able to make an informed choice for their Key Stage 4 options.  The guidance includes:

  • detailed curriculum booklet that outlines KS4 course content
  • curriculum evenings to meet senior staff and Subject Leaders
  • opportunity for individual interviews with key staff to discuss career options and subjects

At KS4, the curriculum has been devised to provide a flexible programme which supports the varying talents and aspirations of our students.  Our aim is to ensure our students at the end of Year 11 have a firm educational foundation for their future career or further study.

All students follow a core GCSE curriculum that includes Religious Education, English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science as well as Personal Development and core PE.  Students continue to be taught in ability groups for the core subjects.

GCSE Courses – Separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), History, Geography, French, Spanish, Computing, Art, Photography, Food Technology, 3D Design, Drama, Music, PE

Vocational Courses – Business Studies, PE, Health and Fitness, iMedia or IT.

To strongly encourage increased uptake towards achieving the government aspiration for EBacc, through the core subject offer and option blocks, all students will have the opportunity to select the full EBacc curriculum. During the Year 9 option process, students, parents/carers, will be given clear advice on the implications of following courses which are EBacc compliant and non-EBacc compliant. Students who are higher attaining in English and MFL will be strongly encouraged to take the full EBacc.  However, the curriculum offer needs to be appropriate to the needs of each student and support their individual life choices.

KS5 Curriculum

At St Peter and St Paul we are able to offer an individualised Sixth Form Programme from a range of facilitating, academic and applied courses.    Academic staff give clear advice and guidance concerning appropriate subject combinations for Post-16 study.  All students study 3 courses from a comprehensive offer.  The academy aims to run all courses offered for which there is sufficient demand.

Advanced Level GCE: Religious Studies, English Literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, French, Spanish, History, Politics and PE.

BTEC Level 3 Courses: Business Studies, Health and Social Care, ICT, Sport.

All students who have not achieved at least Grade 4 in English or Mathematics follow a Level 2 course to develop their skills in these subjects and the opportunity to re-sit GCSE.

In addition, the Sixth Form programme includes provision for tutor time, personal development, enrichment and private study.

Assessment without Levels, new GCSEs and reformed A Levels

For further information please contact Mrs A Jepson on [email protected].

Timings of the School Day: however to support the current situation, there is a staggered timetable in operation, to allow year groups to be separated at break, lunches and when they leave at the end of the day.

Tutor Time08.40 – 09.05
Period 109.05 – 09.55
Period 209.55 – 10.45
Break10.45 – 11.05
Period 311.05 – 11.55
Period 411.55 – 12.50
Lunch12.50 – 13.30
Period 513.30 – 14.20
Period 614.20 – 15.15