We have three disciplines that we offer, Fine Art, Photography and 3 Dimensional design.

Our vision is clear, we want to equip our students with the skills, knowledge and ideas to realise their creative potential.  Our goal is to help students excel.  This can be seen throughout the academy in the work displayed which hopefully inspires, enhances and influences all who pass through and encourages students from Year 7 to Sixth Form to aim high.  In class a positive and enthusiastic approach is found with high expectations in an atmosphere of respect which allows pupils ideas to flow.

The Curriculum

Students will draw on their KS2 experience of Art and work with media which will test and develop their skills and understanding. Whatever the ability all students should benefit from and enjoy the experience of working in this area.  Their creative minds are stretched and opportunities are given to pupils to draw on their own talents and strengths through a range of disciplines including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and printmaking.

The GCSE courses we build on the student’s previous skills and understanding from KS3 and a working partnership is formed with the teacher to assist them in becoming confident young artists.  Students have the chance to discover their own strengths and talents as they are given more freedom to develop their own style.  Students work individually and increasingly independently as the course progresses, thus developing personal responses to starting points, an ability to take risks and experiment through a range of media.

Building on the success of the GCSE course, students have become confident artists who now work to form their portfolio of work which illustrates the best pieces they produce.  They make visual enquiries, research and develop artist connections through original and personal responses and produce mature and highly developed outcomes which start to define the type of artist they will later become.


Ms Coles-Wright

Mrs Gowshall

Mrs K Payne

Mrs Challans